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“I have watched for many years the outstanding developments of Knick and Noah Myers. Their work is of the highest quality and they bring a professional attitude to each and every assignment.”

Mike Ragsdale
County Mayor
Knox County
Knoxville, Tennessee




“I have known the Myers brothers for several years. I have found them both to be honest, conscientious, and efficient with all people. Knick and Noah have displayed a high level of decision-making abilities in their developments. Their projects are very impressive and of quality design. I feel that it is an honor to know Knick and Noah Myers and their families.”

Sam Mishu
M & M Development Company
Knoxville, Tennessee




“It has been a pleasure for TNBANK to provide financial services to the Myers brothers.They have shown that creative thinking, calculated risk taking, and hard work continue to be the core elements of entrepreneurial success. They have embraced the capitalistic model, and we are happy to play a role in their success.”

Tom Tuck
Oak Ridge, Tennessee




“Based on their sensitivity to great design and their ability to make conscientious decisions in every aspect of a project, Myers Bros. Holdings is becoming of the premier development companies in our area.”

John Lynch Sanders
Principal Architect,
sanders|pace architecture, llc.
Knoxville, Tennessee




“I've known the Myers brothers for over fifteen years, they are skilled businessmen with a commitment to quality. They have a gift for identifying excellent opportunities, capitalizing on them, and a passion for completing the task at hand. Their straightforwardness and honesty makes them someone I would highly recommend.”

Robert A. Lynn
Vice President
MONY Realty Capital
Littleton, Colorado




“Its rare in life to meet people who can visualize something that doesn't already exist. I have been impressed with Knick' and Noah's ability to generate a new vision, as well make it a reality. Our entire community benefits by the commitment Myers Brothers Holdings has to creativity and quality.
I enjoy being part of the Myers brothers team. You can't help but feel good about a business relationship in which you are respected for your contribution and consistently treated fairly. It is enjoyable to deal with people like Knick and Noah who are good to their families, responsible to their communities, and good in business.”

Trey Benefiled, ASLA, AICP
Benefiled- Richters
planning/architecture/landscape architecture
Knoxville, Tennessee




“My experience with Myers Bros. Holdings has been very positive; they are knowledgeable, organized, honest, pay attention to the details, and most importantly they follow through with their commitments. The Myers brothers are astute businessmen with a dependable, experienced, and high integrity track records. My experiences reaffirms that one can’t ask for much more. Should a future opportunity present itself, I will have superb confidence in their product and service, and I would look forward to working with them.”

Michael C. Crabtree
President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board
IdleAire Technologies
Knoxville, Tennessee




“In the past couple of years, I have had more experience working hand in hand with Knick Myers, and I truly couldn't imagine working with a more organized, hard working individual than him. In 2003, Knick and Stephanie (Knick's wife) hosted a beautiful party at their home for our Baptist “Labor of Love” Tennis Classic event. The evening was a huge success because of Knick and Stephanie. In July of 2003, Knick introduced Tim Harris, president of Knoxville Wholesale Furniture, to us (the Baptist Health System Foundation) in an effort to help him make his dream home tour a reality and to give us the opportunity to be the beneficiary of the event. If it wasn't for Knick Myers, the Baptist Health System Foundation would most likely not have been selected as the beneficiary of this House of Dreams event. It has been a pleasure working with him on various projects, and I look forward to working with him on other future endeavors. Not only do we have a great working relationship, but we have also developed a wonderful friendship...everything going towards a great cause.”

Betsy Johnson
Donor Renewal Director
Baptist Health System Foundation
Knoxville, Tennessee



“About 10 years ago Knick and Noah Myers came to Loudon County and opened what came to be a very successful hardware & building supply store. In the years since, I have come to know them both quite well through business dealings and by association with them in community and civic organizations. The Myers brothers represent the finest segment of our society. They are capable, energetic young men, driven by a strong desire to succeed by offering a quality product. Their integrity is unquestionable and their intellect ranks them with the sharpest young entrepreneurs of our day.”

George Miller
County Mayor
Loudon County
Loudon, Tennessee



“It does not surprise me to learn that the Myers brothers have established a company that is based upon a strict belief in the priority of customer service, a commitment to building client relationships, and a desire to invest in and to improve the business community at large. Trust is something that an individual earns and, after twelve years of knowing Knick Myers, no one deserves it more. His faithfulness, integrity and affability have paved and will continue to pave his road of success.”

Matthew M. Woosley, M.D.
Department of Anesthesiology
St. John Medical Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma



“Since 1994 I have had the opportunity to work with Knick and Noah Myers, first as Director of Planning for Loudon County, and in the past 6 years as President of the Loudon County Economic Development Agency. After successfully starting a small business the Myers have ventured into an array of residential and commercial developments that establish a standard for quality, integrity, acceptance and respect within the community. ”

Pat Phillips
Loudon County Economic Development Agency
Loudon Tennessee



“Knick's passion for the details and visionary approach have helped him to be the best of the best in all of his endeavors. He is a very dedicated, professional and trustworthy individual with the business acumen to ensure that every project gets completed.”

Rick Knight
Chief Financial Officer
Trademark Property Company
Ft. Worth, Texas



“Myers Bros. Holdings represents the quality and character of the type of companies we like to promote in Knoxville. As I have gotten to know Knick and Noah over the past couple of years, it is evident that they take great care and pride when putting their name on a project. Attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and honesty will continue to to be reasons that individuals seek them out. When I am recruiting new employers to Knoxville, this is the type of developers they want to work with. I know that Myers Bros. Holdings is ready to meet their needs.”

Rhonda Rice
Executive Vice President
Knoxville Chamber Partnership



“For the past seventeen years it has proven to be a rare pleasure to know Knick and Noah Myers. Their development from young men with good ideas into men with vision, enthusiasm, and integrity has been personally fulfilling and rewarding. Should you ever have the opportunity to work with the Myers Brothers, you find the experience a positive one.”

Jim Bower
SafetySource Consulting Services
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



“Knick & Noah have established high standards in their projects. They take pride in their work with a great deal of accountability back to their customers. This is becoming a more difficult trait as the industry has a tendency to rush projects to capitalize on opportunities in today’s marketplace. They have positioned their development company for the long-term.”

David Hinkle
National Book Warehouse, Inc.
Knoxville, Tennessee




“My relationship with the Myers brothers extends over a decade, and in that period Knick and Noah have proven themselves as entrepreneurs with no concept of “mediocre”, fastidiously detail-oriented businessmen, contemporaries of high moral character, and good friends.”

Alan Thomas
Swearingen Realty Group, LLC
Dallas, Texas



“The best attribute of people is their doing what they say they will do, and Knick and Noah Myers follow through and do just that. They are honest people, whose word is truly their bond -- they are great people to know and to do business with.”

Cres Holcombe
ZYP Coatings, Inc.
Oak Ridge, Tennessee



“Several year back Myers Brothers Holdings started a development in the Town of Farragut known as Vista subdivision. During the development review process, Knick and Noah Myers made a commitment to protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the proposed site. They certainly fulfilled their commitment. The residential development contains many lots with outstanding views of the Smokey Mountains, the Tennessee River, and a private golf course. Vista includes sidewalks, walking trails, theme street lights, an apple orchard, and extensive landscaping. Today, Vista is recognized as one of the premier residential subdivisions in Farragut with homes ranging from $1,000,000 to over $3,000,000. The Town of Farragut's Decorating Committee awarded Vista Subdivision the "Residential Entrance Beautification Award" in every year it has been eligible. The Myers brothers are currently working on several other developments within the Town of Farragut. They have a reputation for working with adjacent homeowners who may be impacted by their developments to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.”

Eddy Ford
Town Mayor
Town of Farragut
Farragut, Tennessee



“I have been impressed by the quality the Myers' bring to their projects. First rate quality should always be the top criteria for putting together a successful venture. Myers Brothers Holdings is a success because of their hands on involvement in a project and the personal pride they have in making it a success.”

David Clark
Premier Foodservice
Knoxville, Tennessee

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